Mattress Buying Tips

Buying Tips


Give yourself ample time to try top-quality mattresses.

Dress Comfortably

Dress comfortably so you can lay on the mattresses and make the best choice for yourself.

Bring a Pillow

Bring your favorite pillow to replicate the proper sleeping position.

Know Bed Set Dimensions

Know the dimensions of your current set (floor to top of mattress). Know length and width as well.

Know Room Dimensions

Know your room dimensions for possibly purchasing a larger set. You may decide to upgrade!

Determine Comfort Reference

Determine your comfort preference first. Try a plush and firm mattress.

Mattress Lingo

Ultra Plush

Ultra Plush – a very soft-feeling surface.


Plush – firmer than the ultra plush, but less firm than cushion firm.

Cushion Firm

Cushion Firm – firmer than an ultra plush, but softer than firm.


Firm – the hardest of the comfort levels.

Extra Firm

Extra Firm – Really really hard